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Welcome to MoUNTiEs Chemistry Online!
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This website is designed to aid students in my chemistry classes by providing an online source of information regarding topics being covered in class, homework and project assignments, upcoming tests/quizzes, and related Internet sites.  Students should check their appropriate class site regularly for updates.  Parents are welcome to view these pages as well, to stay informed about what their child is doing in class. You can also keep up to date with reminders of upcoming quizzes/tests, due dates, and other important information by following us on Twitter (@MoUNTiEsChem)

News & Information

  • Chemistry - Nuclear Chemistry Practice Questions for tomorrow's assessment are available here. (Must have ExamView Player installed...see link below left if you need to install it). Open the downloaded test file in ExamView player.
  • All Classes - Calculators will be available for in class use; you will still need to have a calculator for homework.  The calculators being used in class are TI-30XIIS, available for less than $20 at places like Wal-Mart, Staples, and other similar stores.
  • All Classes - These reference sheets are available for download:
    Periodic Table
    Elements & Their Families Packet
    Oxidation Sheet
    Lab Safety Contract
  • You can access the class syllabi by clicking the links below (Note: These are in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.  You will need to have Acrobat Reader (version 5 or higher) installed in order to view/print these files)

    Chemistry Syllabus

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    AP Chemistry Syllabus

Viewing this Site

Some features found on this site and on sites linked from here require the use of plug-ins that you can download for free.  Below, you can find links to sites that will allow you to download these plug-ins.

Adobe Acrobat Reader - Allows you to open, view, and print files with a .pdf extension.

MDL Chime - Allows you to view and manipulate 3-D molecular structures.
ExamView Player
ExamView Player - Allows you to complete dynamic study guides on your computer - new numbers to work with each time you load the study guide!

 All Classes - To help you review the PSSA Science Vocab terms for these quizzes, you may download either one of these ExamView files and open them in ExamView Player on your own computer:

  • PSSA Vocab Review (Multiple Choice)
  • PSSA Vocab Review (Completion)
ALL CLASSES - The Chemistry Club would like to honor all students who excel in their chemistry class by earning an "A" for the marking period.  Students who achieve this goal will recieve a reward once the final grades for the marking period have been calculated.



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